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Instant video monitoring for smartphones and tablets

Manything turns your spare device into a security camera.

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The Manything app uses FFmpeg code licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded here

Leave one device at home to record…

…take one with you to view


Use the camera you already own

Manything is compatible with hundreds of smartphones and tablets. It’s the perfect way to put an old device to good use.

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Great for...

Home security

Pet monitoring

Small businesses



Live streaming

Watch your live streams and recorded videos from anywhere.

Motion alerts

Receive alerts when your cameras detect activity.

Cloud recording

Save recorded events to the cloud with our monthly subscription plans.

Remote control

Arm and disarm your cameras remotely.

Multiple recording modes

Choose motion triggered recording, continuous recording or stills mode.

Clever motion detection

Set detection zones and change camera sensitivity.

Sophisticated home automation

Start Manything when you leave the house, turn on the lights when activity is detected, and lots more.

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Start small. Expand when you need to.

Manything FREE

1 camera
  • Motion alerts
  • Remote camera control
  • Live streaming
  • Video saved to the cloud
  • Optional continuous recording

Manything subscriptions

Multiple cameras
  • Motion alerts
  • Remote camera control
  • Live streaming
  • Video saved to the cloud
  • Optional continuous recording


Hardware purchase Not required
Set-up time Seconds
Cloud recording Optional monthly plans
Remote control Yes
Motion alerts Yes – email or push notifications
Detection zones Yes
Adjustable sensitivity Yes
Two-way talk Yes
Motion-triggered recording Default
Sound-triggered recording Optional
Continuous recording Optional for paid users
Stills mode Optional
Timelapse Yes
Resolution 3 SD options
Night vision No - requires security light
Zoom Yes
Uses cellular when Wi-Fi fails Yes
Data limits Can be set