Monitor anything, from anywhere

Remote video surveillance software for smartphones, tablets and professional CCTV cameras.

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What’s happening at home?

Whether it’s a delivery driver or an intruder, monitor your home while you’re away and receive notifications of any activity.

Are your furry friends behaving?

Use two-way talk to tell them off when they’re misbehaving or talk to them if they look lonely.

Only available on Manything for smart phones or tablets.
Not available on Manything for CCTV cameras.

What’s going on at work?

Remotely monitor your business when you’re not there and save all video to a secure off-site cloud. Check on staff, assess customer levels and provide employee peace of mind.

How are the family?

Check in on the kids after school to make sure they’re doing their homework, or keep an eye on elderly relatives when you can’t pay them a visit.

How will you use Manything?

Manything Pro

Add remote viewing and cloud recording to professional CCTV cameras.


Turn your old smartphones and tablets into instant video monitoring devices.



Live streaming

Watch your live streams and recorded videos from anywhere.

Motion alerts

Receive alerts when your cameras detect activity.

Cloud recording

Store recorded video to the cloud with our monthly subscription plans.