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Manything cloud for professional CCTV cameras

Remote video monitoring for homes and businesses.

Watch the video
Works outside

Remotely control cameras

Can be used at night

View from anywhere

Can be used with or without an NVR

Save video to the cloud

Great for...

Outdoor and overnight monitoring

Locations needing robust or vandal proof cameras

Multi-camera systems

Professional business monitoring


Works with or without an NVR

Manything sends video directly to the cloud, without having to store it locally — the cost of an NVR can be saved if on-site storage is not needed.

Manything can also work alongside an NVR to provide additional off-site storage.

Optimised for real world network conditions

Manything automatically adjusts frame rate, bit rate and resolution to ensure recorded events are sent to the cloud, even in poor network conditions.

Secure and non-discoverable

All cameras running Manything are non-discoverable and have UPnP and NAT disabled.

Video is stored and encrypted in Amazon Web Services. When videos are viewed they are transmitted over an encrypted TLS or HTTPS channel.

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IP cameras Range of Hikvision cameras. View full list
NVR compatible Yes
DVR compatible Coming soon - allows legacy systems to be cloud enabled
Viewing platforms Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire
Installation platforms iOS and Android
IFTTT Compatible Yes
Recording modes
Recording method Record on motion
Aspect ratio 16:9
Compression H.264
Live stream & recorded motion events using camera sub stream
Resolution 640 x 360
Frame rate 10fps
Bit rate Variable between 100kb/s and 200kb/s depending on bandwidth available
Recording to NVR using camera main stream
Resolution When in Cloud + NVR mode (default), Manything doesn't interfere with the camera main stream. The NVR settings will set the camera recording resolution.
Frame rate
Bit rate
Live stream using camera sub stream
Resolution 640 x 360
Frame rate 10fps
Bit rate Variable between 100kb/s and 200kb/s depending on bandwidth available
Recorded motion events using camera main stream
Resolution 720p
Frame rate Variable between 4fps and 10fps depending on bandwidth available
Bit rate Variable between 160kb/s and 400kb/s depending on bandwidth available
Camera password Encrypted and never transmitted outside local network
Non-discoverable UPnP/NAT disabled
Cloud backbone AWS
Live transmission RTSP
Live viewing mobile RTMP
Live viewing web HLS
Motion event transmission MP4 files via HTTPS
Motion event viewing HLS