Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

Can Manything record just on motion?

Yes, go to your camera settings and check your recording mode is set to “record on motion”. In this mode Manything only records video to the cloud when it detects movement and only live streams when you are watching. This mode uses minimal bandwidth.

For users on a paid for plan there is an optional setting to record and stream continuously, not just on motion.

Can I talk to my camera device?

To talk to your camera device, open the app in Viewer mode, select the camera you want to talk to then select the ‘Talk” tab. Press and hold the green button to record your message.

You can repeat an audio message every time motion is detected by turning on the ‘Repeat on motion’ button.

If your camera is an iOS device on iOS 6 then please set its volume to the maximum to ensure your message will be heard (devices running iOS7 and above we will automatically play your audio at the device's maximum volume)

Where are my videos stored?

Your video is stored securely in the Manything cloud. We don’t store any video to the device unless there is a loss of network.

How many devices can I use?

You can download Manything to as many devices as you need and set them up as either cameras or viewers. You will need one of our paid for plans if you want to use more than one recording device at a time.

How do I link my devices?

Use the same login details across all the devices you're using for Manything, this is how we connect all your devices to your Manything account.

Why can’t I register a new account using my Facebook id?

Logging in to Manything via a Facebook id has sometimes been unreliable. Also Facebook is withdrawing support for iOS6 & iOS7, so we have decided to stop allowing new registrations via a Facebook id. If you have previously created a Manything account using your Facebook id, you can still log on that way. However, we recommend that you contact us so that we can help you convert your account to one based on your email address and a password.

I registered with Facebook, but not all my devices have my Facebook account on them.

Facebook registration only works if you have the same Facebook account on all your Manything devices. We recommend you register with an email address and password that you can use across all devices. Please contact if you’d like to change your Facebook login to an email login.

How can I watch my footage?

Open the Manything app on the device you want to use as your viewer and log in using the details you first registered with. You will need your viewer device to be running iOS 8 or above. Select “Viewer” to access your list of cameras, then select a camera to view its live streams and motion events.

You can also view your live cameras and recorded video online at the manything website. For cameras set to "record on motion" the stream will connect when you view your camera and you will be able to click forward and back to any captured motion events. For cameras set to record continuously you will be able to watch live and playback full recorded sessions.

Can Manything alert me when it detects motion?

Yes, you can turn on push notifications or email alerts from your Manything camera’s setting menu. To receive the notifications make sure you’re logged into the Manything app on the phone you want to receive the notifications on and check you have allowed notifications from Manything in your device's main settings.

How can I customize motion detection?

You can adjust the "Sensitivity Threshold" from the settings menu on the device you're using as your camera. 1 triggers on small motion and above. 10 will only trigger alerts on large movements. Detection Zones are a good way to mask out areas of the screen that you don't want to trigger an alert (for example a tree blowing in the wind). Detection zones can be found in the settings menu of the device you're using as your camera. Draw a mask over the areas that you don’t want to trigger motion. The mask will remain on for all recordings until you remove it.

Can you alert on sound?

Yes, you can enable sound detection in your Manything camera settings.

Can I receive alerts when my camera has low battery or has gone offline?

You can enable ‘Camera status’ alerts from the settings menu of your camera device. This will alert you when we detect that your camera has been offline for 10 minutes and it will alert you to changes in your battery status.

Will Manything work with other IP cameras?

No, we don't have any immediate plans to support third party cameras.

Can I use Manything as a webcam on my Mac?

We don't have any immediate plans for a Mac version.

How much space does Manything need on my device?

Although Manything streams the video straight off to the cloud you do need at least 250MB of storage free on your device in order for Manything to run, if not you will get an error message that says "out of diskspace".

Do you recommend particular power supplies?

We recommend that you only use the power supply that came with your device when new, or an identical replacement.

How can I mount my Manything camera?

We have tried and tested a range of accessories; here are our favorites. If you need any further help, or if you have come up with a great idea to share, then contact us at

How can I run my cameras on a schedule?

You can currently only schedule your Manything cameras by using our IFTTT integration. There's more information on how to use IFTTT with Manything here. Email for any help or advice setting up IFTTT recipes.

I want to use my old iPhone with Manything but it needs activating, how do I do this?

To reactivate your old iPhone you will need to insert a SIM card from the carrier that the iPhone is locked to (if it's carrier unlocked, any SIM will work). You can use an old or borrowed SIM card for this as the SIM is only required during the activation process. Once the device is activated you can remove the SIM card and continue to use the device as WiFi only. You will be prompted to connect the device to your WiFi network during the setup/activation process. When the device is up and running and on the home screen you can log into the App Store with your Apple ID (you can have more than one device per Apple ID) and download the Manything app.

The SIM card sizes for Manything compatible iPhones are shown below:

  • iPhone 3GS - Mini SIM
  • iPhone 4 and 4S - Micro SIM
  • iPhone 5, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus - Nano SIM

Note: If you have a SIM which is too small for the iPhone you are trying to activate you can purchase an adapter to suit.

Can I use Manything in low light conditions?

Yes, you have a few options for low light usage:

  1. You can set the flashlight to come on for 30 seconds when there is a noise. This might allow you to capture an intruder on video, or to record an animal in your garden.
  2. You can set Manything to switch automatically between video in good light to ‘enhanced still images' in low light. These enhanced images are recorded every 10 seconds, and are created by adding several images together. The pictures can be grainy, but can show much more detail than a conventional photograph.
  3. Alternatively we have found using Manything with a motion activated light works well at night time.
Can Manything record video when running in the background?

No. Apps running in the background cannot access the camera. If you press the Home button (the round one on the front) while you're recording, the recording session will end.

What happens if I press the 'Lock' button while I'm using Manything?

If you press the Lock button on your device you're sending Manything into the background. When running in the background it cannot access the camera and so it cannot record any video.

How can I lock my camera to keep it safe, but still record?

You can still keep your device safe without killing your live stream by enabling “Guided Access” mode. "Guided Access" means you can lock down your iOS device and prevent others from accessing things you don't want them to.

Here's how:

  1. Go to your device's main settings - General - Accessibility -Guided Access. Turn Guided Access ON and set a PIN number for your passcode.
  2. Open the Manything app on the device you’re using as a camera.
  3. Triple-press the home button on your camera device and tap "Start" in the top-right corner to enter Guided Access mode. This will lock the screen

Please note: In order for the screen to be locked you must ensure that touch is disabled within Guided Access. You can do this by triple pressing the home button and pressing options in the bottom-left corner.

To exit Manything triple press the home button and enter your pin.

In app subscriptions

How much do your subscriptions cost?

We have a range of auto-renewing monthly subscriptions available to buy with your Apple ID. From the main app menu go to ‘My Plan’ and select ’Monthly subscription plans’ for more detail.

I'm worried you're going to charge me without my permission

You will always be on a free account unless you choose to upgrade to one of our paid for plans. We'll never charge you without your permission.

What if I want to upgrade, downgrade or cancel my plan?

You can change or cancel your monthly subscription plan whenever you need.

If you upgrade you’ll be charged the full amount for your new subscription straight away. If you want to downgrade you will need cancel your subscription in your iTunes account and re-subscribe to a new plan. You can cancel at anytime by managing your Apple subscriptions.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you have subscribed in the app with your Apple ID you will need to:

  1. Open the main settings cog on your Apple device.
  2. Select "iTunes & App Store"
  3. Tap your Apple ID, then select "View Apple ID" in the pop-up
  4. Sign-in to your Apple ID if prompted.
  5. Scroll down and tap "Subscriptions"
  6. Select and cancel your subscription to Manything.
  7. Your subscription will now be cancelled and you will be able to carry on using the service until the end of your subscription period. Apple will send you a confirmation email.
Does my viewing device count towards the devices covered on my plan?

The plans refer to the number of Manything cameras you have recording simultaneously. It does not refer to the number of devices you have registered on your account. We don't count the viewing device.

The upgrade options say they are for a one month pass only?

You're on an older version of the app that only supports one month passes. For auto-renewing subscriptions that don't expire please update to the latest version of our app.

Sharing (Clips, timelapse and Facebook Live)

Downloading and sharing motion events from the app

From your 'Viewer' device select the event you’d like to share or download. You’ll see options to Share, Download or Delete the event.

'Share' gives you the option to share a picture, a file, or a link to your motion event.

'Download' will save the event to your devices photo roll.

Downloading and sharing a motion event from the web

Go to, select 'Cameras' then 'Events' and select the event you’d like to download. You’ll see the options to Share Link, Download Event, Create Clip or submit it to the public Clip Chart.

Creating and sharing a clip from the web

Go to the Manything website. Choose and play the session you'd like to edit and select 'Create Clip'. You'll see a blue clip maker appear over your timeline, pull and stretch that into position, then press 'Save Clip'. You can then save, share or download your clip.

You can't create a clip with a mix of stills and video.

I shared a clip link by mistake

You can unshare your clips at anytime. Go to your ‘Shared’ events in the app or in the web to access a list of any events you have shared. Select the event you want to unshare and select ‘Unshare’. This will break the link to the clip so no one with access to the link can watch it.

What’s the Public Clip Chart?

You can also choose to share your motion event with us and other Manythingers around the world by submitting it to the Manything Clip Chart. Under the event press the button that says ‘Submit to public Clip Chart!’ then assign a category, enter a title and description and press done. You’ll also be entered into our clip awards for a chance to win cloud recording and accessories and we may use your clip in our social or news media.

Clips can take up to 24 hours to go through our review process and be published in the chart.

I submitted my clip to the Clip Chart and changed my mind

You can remove your clip from the clip chart by unsharing it. Go to your shared event in the app or in the web and select ‘unshare’. This will unshare the link and it will no longer be visible on the clip chart.

How can I create a timelapse video?

In the Manything phone app select "Stills Only" Mode and also "Mute Audio" from the Settings page, so that Manything takes a still photo every few seconds instead of recording video and audio. When you have finished recording, sign in to the website and select the session you have just made and then click on 'Create Timelapse' under the "Create clips to share" menu.

How can I download my clips and timelapses?

Once you've made a clip or timelapse you can download it from the Manything website to your Mac or PC.

What is Manything Facebook live?

With our new Facebook Live feature you can choose to share live streams from your Manything cameras to your Facebook page. This feature is optional and all camera feeds are private to you unless you choose to stream them live to your Facebook page.

Where can I find this feature?

On the device you use as your ‘Viewer’ select the camera you want to stream live to Facebook. Under the camera’s live stream you’ll see a Facebook Live button. Press the button to start streaming live to facebook. This feature is currently only available on iOS and both your camera and your viewers will need to be running version 4.7 of the app and above.

Who can see my live stream?

When you first press Go Live you will be given the option to edit who sees your stream. By default it set to public but you can edit this to be just friends, a group, or just one person. Every time you start a new Facebook Live stream we will remember your last preferences, if you would like to change these you can go to your Facebook settings, Apps, Manything and edit your audience.

How long will it stream for?

It will stream for a maximum of 4 hours, unless you choose to finish it before then. You can stop the Facebook live stream at anytime by pressing the Facebook Live button again in the app, or by going to your Facebook page and deleting the post (in this latter case the video will not be saved to your timeline).

What happens when I have finished streaming?

Your recording will be saved to your Facebook timeline.

Email and password changes

How can I reset my password?

If you’ve forgotten your password you can reset it both on our website and via the app; here's how:

  1. Click the log in button
  2. Click forgotten your password?
  3. Enter your e-mail address and press send
  4. You will receive an e-mail with a reset link which should be used within 20 minutes of requesting it

If you have any cameras recording when you change your password they will go offline within 15 minutes.

How can I change my password?

If you know your current password you can change it via the "Accounts" page on our website or via the "Account" section in the Manything settings menu on the app.

If you have any cameras recording when you change your password they will go offline within 15 minutes.

Can I change my email address?

To change the e-mail address associated with your account you will need to log in to our website and navigate to the “Accounts” page. Remember, if you change your email address or password you will need to sign out and back in again on all your devices too.

Deleting devices and accounts

How can I delete sessions or events?

Deleting entire recorded sessions can only be done via our website at the moment.

To do this, login to the Manything website from a web browser and navigate to the “My Cameras” page. From there, highlight the recorded “session” you want to delete and you'll see a “Delete” option in the top right corner of the grey bar above the sessions. Alternatively you can delete individual motion events by clicking on the 'Events' tab and following the same steps as above.

You can also delete individual motion events from the app by selecting "Viewer" from the main screen and selecting the device that was used to record them. Swiping left on an event will bring up the delete button.

Once a session or event is deleted we cannot recover the video for you.

You can't yet delete multiple events at once, but we're working on it.

How can I delete a device from my account?

This functionality is available from the Manything website only. If you have any devices that you no longer wish to be associated with your account then you can delete these by going to and following the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account and navigate to the “My Cameras” page
  2. Select the device you wish to delete from the drop-down list
  3. Select the settings tab (on the right) and then press “Delete Device” which will appear near the bottom.

Please note: Deleting a device will also delete any associated recorded sessions. If you would rather keep the device on your account but hide it from your list of cameras on the iOS app then you can swipe left on the device name and press the hide button.

How do I delete my account?

If you registered with email address and password you can delete your account from the “accounts’ page on

If you registered with Facebook please e-mail from the e-mail address associated with your Facebook account and we can delete it for you.

Trouble shooting

Why have I lost the "Viewer" option?

In our latest update we only support "Viewer" mode for devices running iOS8 and above. This means that you cannot use an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or an iPod Touch 4th Gen as a Manything viewer as these devices cannot be upgraded to iOS 8 or above. Please see our compatible devices list for more information.

I've lost audio since updating to your latest version

If you are using an iPhone 3GS as your Manything camera the live stream will be muted and you won't get audio. Audio will be available when you playback recorded motion events, provided you weren't watching your camera live when the event was recorded.

I can’t mute my video

On camera devices running iOS 7 there is no option to mute audio. To solve this update to iOS 7.1 or above.

Why can't I hear any sound on my video recording?

In older versions of the iOS app we drop the audio when there isn’t enough bandwidth to stream both video and audio. Try updating to the latest version of the app and if that doesn’t solve things contact us on

Why does my recording contain stills instead of video?

In older versions of the app Manything drops to a stills mode when there isn’t enough bandwidth to stream video. Check your camera device is updated to version 4.0 or later. If you still have problems please email

I have just registered a new device but it isn't showing on My Cameras page.

If you're already signed in to the Manything website when you register a new device, you'll need to sign out and sign back in again to see it listed under your devices. If you are in the phone app, you can hit the refresh button.

I restored iTunes and now one of my devices is duplicated in my device list.

On either of your devices select “Camera” then from the Manything settings cog select “Developer” then “Change Device Identity”. The device will then have a new identity in your Manything account and you will need to delete the old device. Please note that deleting a device will delete all its associated event and sessions.

I have multiple WiFi networks and my iPhone gets confused about which to connect to while recording, how can I fix this?

If your WiFi cuts out and then returns sometimes your device can get confused about which network to re-join. Instead of reconnecting the iPhone will ask you to select a network and this will interrupt your recording. To resolve this problem you must take three steps:

  1. Go into the setting on your iPhone: settings > general > reset and click reset network settings (note that this will remove all network preferences on the phone).
  2. Go back to settings: settings > WiFi and select your preferred network
  3. Still in WiFi settings ensure that you have not selected “Ask to Join Networks”

This should ensure that your iPhone connects only to your preferred network when recording.

When I try and view my video in a web browser, it doesn’t play

Here are some known issues that may help you:

  • If you're viewing your stream on Safari on an iPhone, iPod or iPad and you have “Private Browsing” enabled your Manything video won’t play. Disabling Private Browsing will solve this, although we recommend that you watch your live streams directly from the Manything app.
  • If you’re running IE 9 you won’t be able to review your sessions. We recommend you upgrade to a more recent version of IE to view your video

If you're still having problems, please contact us at and we should be able to help you.

What happens if someone calls my phone while it's recording?

Receiving a text, phone call, calendar reminder, low battery warning etc. on your phone will interrupt your recording for about a minute.

When I search back through my video using a web browser on my iPad it doesn't always work.

We do have a problem with viewing footage on the iPad that we're trying to fix: if you're watching a session that was recorded without sound (either because you'd chosen the 'Mute' option or because of poor network connection) you can't search back within that video, you can only play it from the beginning. You'd need to view it on a Mac or PC.

I can’t login using Facebook

You will not be able to login in using Facebook if you are in Firefox private browsing mode. To login you will need to disable tracking protection, instructions on how to do that here

Data, Security and Behaviour in loss of network

What happens if my network or my power goes down?

If connection is lost Manything will go offline but will keep recording for a further 10 minutes, saving video to the device and uploading it when connection is restored.

There is an optional setting to continue recording video (after the initial 10 minutes) when network connection drops. Motion events will be stored to the device until connection is restored, they will then be uploaded to our servers. We will save as many motion events as the device’s storage will allow. This setting is available under ‘Advanced’, ‘Lost Connection Preferences’. If you are on one our paid for plans you can choose to record continuous video to the device.

If you lose power then Manything will carry on streaming video until the device’s battery fails.

How secure is my video?

Your videos are stored and encrypted in Amazon Web Services (“S3”) as used by thousands of corporations across the world. Access to any of the stored video files is very tightly controlled and requires multi-factor authentication – even our developers do not have access. Authentication to view any of your video is secured by your login name and password and a security token which is generated on our servers. When you view any of your video, whether it’s live or recorded, it is transmitted to you over a secure, encrypted channel (“TLS” or “HTTPS”). Please contact us at for more detail on our security and encryption.

Why has my camera gone offline?

There are a couple of common causes for a camera going offline:

  1. Poor network connection.
  2. Low battery - make sure you leave your device connected to power using a genuine charger. A low battery will cause the device to stop streaming. You can check your camera’s battery status remotely from the app and the web.
How much bandwidth does Manything use?

In “Record on motion” mode Manything will use on average 15 MB per hour. This number will vary depending on the amount of motion detected.

In “Continuous recording” mode Manything uses an average of 120MB per hour. The exact figure in any given scenario is dependent on the selected video quality and the amount of motion being recorded. To conserve data usage Manything will drop to 100 kbps bit rate and 6fps when there is no motion detected.

How can I control how much bandwidth Manything uses?

Go to your camera settings and check you have selected "Record on motion". This mode uses a fraction of the bandwidth of Continuous recording. If you do need to record continuously there are several steps you can take to both reduce and limit Manything’s bandwidth usage. These are detailed below.

Change the video quality:

There are 6 options to choose from here and data usage will be reduced when a lower setting is selected. The default is “fair” and we find this a good balance of both video quality and data consumption. Users who are not concerned with usage and have faster connections might like to experiment with higher video quality settings.

Mute audio:

We’ve found that activating the mute audio settings can save as much as 40MBytes per hour depending on the level of sound during the recording. The quality of the image will not be affected.

Stills mode:

This setting is for those who wish to keep data consumption to an absolute minimum (or prefer only stills to be captured). Users can adjust the frequency with which stills are captured; the options range between 3 seconds and 60 seconds. Audio can be both activated and deactivated in stills mode and motion detection will still function.

Set a Data Limit:

Users have the option to cap Manything’s data usage at a specified monthly limit and select their preferred rollover date. The settings range from 2GB – 20GB for broadband and 100MB to 2GB for cellular data (which can also be enabled/disabled). There is also an unlimited setting for both. Please note: All of the above can be changed in the Manything settings menu on the device being used as a camera, or via remote control from another iOS device.

If your camera is running over a cellular network you can choose to only live stream over cellular, and to only upload recorded motion events when the device is connected to wi-fi.

Can I use Manything over a cellular connection?

Yes, but by default this is not enabled. Go to your camera settings and turn on “Allow cellular data”. You can also set a data limit so you don’t exceed your plan; this is set to 250MB but can be adjusted.

What speed Internet connection do I need?

To get video and audio working sensibly you need around 250Kbit/s (sometimes written 250Kbps) up to the Internet – note that speeds are often quoted as download speeds but in this case you need to look at the upload speed. Almost all DSL and cable connections are good enough.

Can I make a recording without an Internet connection?

If you use Manything where there is no Internet connection you can set it to record motion events (or still images) to the device. These will then be uploaded once connection is restored. This setting is available under ‘Advanced’, ‘Lost Connection Preferences’.

When I view my live stream on the Manything website, why does it pause after 15 minutes?

When Manything doesn’t detect any interaction between a user and their video (for example the mouse hasn't moved for over 15 minutes), it pauses the displayed video as it assumes you're not watching it. (your camera will still be streaming and recording). This happens on free accounts only.

Are there any privacy implications I need to be aware of?

Depending on which country you're using Manything in you may be subject to laws covering things such as Privacy and Data Protection. Often there are distinctions between recording in a public place or on your own property. There are also often distinctions between use by private individuals and organisations, in some jurisdictions there are even distinctions between recording audio and video. In some places hidden cameras are unlawful, in some they aren't.

It is hard then to give any general advice on complying with the law in every country; we recommend you find out for yourself in your location and your circumstances. We have written some general notes below, but we are not lawyers so the best we can do is point you to other places as a start on checking out your local law.


Don't video anywhere where someone has a reasonable expectation of privacy e.g. a bathroom. This is probably covered by 4th Amendment rights as well as not being very nice. Local and state laws vary significantly and often cover hidden recording and particularly audio recording. We have not found a concise summary of all the local and state laws covering privacy in the USA; if you find one please let us know.


Check the information on the Information Commissioners Office Website. Note that in the UK there is a distinction between business and private or household uses - as of May 2013 the ICO website says "The Data Protection Act does not apply to individuals' private or household purposes. So if you install a camera on your own home to protect it from burglary, the Act will not apply." If you're an organisation rather than a private individual then the ICO publish a guide on the issues around using CCTV which again can be found on their website.


The Australian Government has a website for the office of the Australian Information Commissioner that covers privacy and information law it can be found here.


A number of provinces have laws and oversight offices on privacy – a starting point might be the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada which has links to oversight offices for each province.

Manything Partner Programme - Cloud video monitoring for Hikvision IP cameras

I'm an installer/distributor of Hikvision cameras, can I offer your cloud solution to my customers?

Please contact us on for further details on our partner programme

Which Hikvision cameras are compatible with Manything?

Manything is compatible with the below Hikvision IP cameras. These cameras are from the Value (R6 & G1), EasyIP 2.0 (R6) and EasyIP 3.0 (G1) platforms

Which version of the Hikvision firmware does Manything use?

When installing Manything onto Hikvision cameras the app updates the Hikvision camera firmware with an open platform version. This allows us to add the Manything app to the camera. The Manything app will update the Hikvision camera firmware to version 5.5.0 OP (open platform).

If you have a Manything compatible camera with newer Hikvision firmware, the Manything installation will downgrade the firmware to 5.5.0 OP as Hikvision do not release Open Platform versions of interim firmware updates.

If you have a Manything compatible camera with older Hikvision firmware, the Manything app will update it to 5.5.0. You will be shown a pop up during the installation process to ensure you are happy for this update to occur.

For progress and version updates follow us on Facebook and Twitter.