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Clip Award Winners

Autumn 2016 winners

A Spooktacular Dance!

Autumn runners up

Was that a ghost?

Cat selfie

Dog training

A new way to say happy birthday

Busted! Bad delivery driver

Summer 2016 winners

Butterfly hatches from chrysalis

Singing Rottie

Summer runners up

Backflip bunny

Just dropping in!

Underwear thief

Mom cat needs some space

Caught in the act

June winner

Talk button saves the couch!

June runners up

Bird fight

Delivering mail is hot work

Another bed gone

Dog jailbreak

Grandma and Grandpa find the camera

Duvet fiend

Budgie love

Pet skunk

Kitten fun

Inefficient U-turn

Wake up and let me know you're ok!

May winner

I've been wondering why I don't get much mail...

May runners up

New born bird

Bird feeding

Classroom chipmunk

Rug vandal

Robins nest in the gutter

Tracker smells cupcakes

Sneaky Beanie!

Watch dog scares off intruder

Bed sitter dog

Dog steals the recycling

Gracie the cute trash can panda

First hummingbird of the season

April winner

Action cat (requires audio)

April runners up




Dog busted

Howling in knitwear

Tropical fish

Dog grabs iPhone

Chicken crossing

Quail crossing