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Tip: if you have the Manything app open and viewing events at the time you upgrade, you'll need to reload the screen for changes to take effect (press the back arrow on the top left corner of the app and select the camera again).

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Until then you get unlimited cameras and 30 days cloud recording* for FREE

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Pricing FAQs
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FREE Manything plan, 1 Camera 4 hours cloud recording
2 Cameras 7 days cloud recording, $4.99 a month
*Manything records continuously and all your video is stored securely in the cloud. Our cloud recording plans refer to how long we save your video for. For example, if you choose our 7 day plan you'll be able to look back at any video you've recorded over the past 7 days. Video older than your cloud recording plan is deleted automatically.

Pay as you go upgrades can be purchased in-app using your iTunes account, but pricing will be higher.