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Just some of the things people are doing with Manything...

Manything user Perry the Peach faced Love bird leaves instructions for his owner.
Manything is a great security device. Dust off your old iPhone/iPod Touch and leave it watching your house when you're out.
Manything is being used by small and medium sized businesses as an easy to use and high quality alternative to expensive and complicated CCTV systems!
Brrrr...ahhhhhh... timelapse of a triple glazing upgrade.
A time-lapse day on the Llangollen Canal: two locks, two tunnels and two amazing aqueducts in two minutes.
Cat owner monitoring for strays discovers his cat has ninja fly catching skills!
Jack the puppy wins 'who's in control here?' competition.
James used the fantastic Olloclip macro lens to get close-up video of a bee carrying out its pollination duties in his garden.
In the future robots will mow our lawns. Manything is ready for when that happens.
Angela was surprised to learn that her cute neighborhood hedgehog eats more than just insects and leftovers!
Wildlife Park keepers are using Manything to get some great footage of their daily routines. Click if you love meerkats!
Abi's kids left Manything on the bird feeder after school. The movement peaks on the timeline show them there's been a visitor this hungry little Robin!
Brave manythinger Ben narrowly escapes injury filming rare carnivore named Toffee.
Using Manything to check the new pets are settling in.

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